The life cycle of a butterfly is worth a lesson to be learnt.

After a long suffering of breaking forth from the bondages of egg, it craws its ways through life’s tough times, as a cocoon, into the pupa stage without any thoughts of giving up.

It then prepares to set out for eight to fifteen days of no food nor water; the pupating moments.

To any bystander, this period is considered a doom and a time where the cocoon lag behind in life, but guess what, to the cocoon, it is a moment for elevation. They get bombarded with the sound of other colleges animals progressing but they wait in silence, dormancy and frigid state.

Though this period remains undeniably tough and difficult, it capitalises on the joy of the glorious results and holds it as a comforting hope against the present sufferings in its silence and pain.

And at the end of of the dark tunnel of suffering, holala!!!, there it is flapping its wings here and there in ecstasy.

The very same animal which spent hours in reaching a short distance, now need a few minutes to travel miles.

So it is for the human life duration. Life is just beautiful with its ups and downs.. One could be rejoicing and within the next few minutes he or she wears a sad face.

In your down, you can face a lot of mockeries and rejections. But when they come crushing on your door in your tough time, just repeat to yourself that you are only frigid not finished.

It’s just a matter of time, when you will rise again even stronger and better.

#Prince Joe#

Frigid not Finished


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