The Family Haul

Growing up from childhood, I realized that the eyes and sights fixed on us, children, are much more than we imagined. The expectations and hopes of people hanging on our shoulders, like washed clothes hanged on a dry line, are far greater than what we can bear…

Come to think of a cenario where one finds oneself in a collectivist community or nation, as the first born of his or her father within a step family, and first, as well, on the mother’s side. Where each family consists of at least seven people, with three children each for a minimum. Be reminded that collectivist community or nation describes a community or nation where extended families are as important as the nuclear. Where a child who knows not much about the extended family is considered ingrate.

Now despite the two families (the nuclear family of the biological father and a step mom and that of the biological mother and a step dad), expectations from the extended families also hag on these same little shoulders of us the children.

So climbing  the academic ladder, as we grow, the mode prompting thought, out of the many thoughts of us is, “Don’t forget that your whole family is depending on you”. Before you receive your first pay as a worker, the requests placed on your prioritized list table are capable of rendering you inefficient for the next five years of working experience. You could feel yourself working beyond your hardworking strength, yet you are simply inefficient to the progress of your own life and your recent community. The simple reason is that you feel so much indebted to your whole family, both extended and nuclear such that, the very year or two you decided to think of yourself only, you are considered as a child who has forgotten your route.  God help us..

On account of this many growing children are looking out for ways to make quick money, so enough to ensure that they don’t become failures to any expectations hanging on their shoulders.. This explains the reason why “what a shock” post, about the youth dying so much instead of the aged, are rampant especially in Ghana…

It is then a true statement that in Ghana, despite the lack of jobs and too low payment of workers,  expectations from our families (both extended and nuclear) simply portrays the youth INEFFICIENT.

However, the question is “What can we do?” This is the environment we are placed in by the Almighty, and morality on our side has taught us that cursed is he who forgets his family intentionally.

We will bless God then for the unique strength rendered us and work our hearts and minds out to ensure that every mouth gets exercised possibly, though not to the satisfaction of every stomach.. Now the accounts for this is not our fault — the mouths are way to many, all pouncing on our minuscule salaries. Hmmmm!!!…  groans of the Ghanaian youth.

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