#AtoZChallenge, Letter D

#D for Dear Diary#

Hello Diary! I trust you are great. I believe today is going to be a great day, of course it will no doubt.

However, there is this strong intuition that today’s greatness will not present itself on any easy platter.

Yesterday is gone and another day has come. I understand that my tomorrow will be greatly affected by my today, however my firm grip on today’s success is dependent on what I regretted from, what I repressed and what I learnt, from yesterday and the previous days. Fortunately for me, you know almost all of them.

I have come for tutorials then. A chance to solve past questions of our living experiences.

At least, should in case any of these life difficulties and questions or those bearing much resemblance, inundate my success for today I would have a fair idea of how to go about it.

You are indeed my teacher for the day.  Don’t worry I will report to you whatever happens. See you soon!

Have you consulted you diary today????

#Prince Joe#


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