A Warrior

A Warrior

A Warrior; Life’s Churns

Your head is down again, it seems all is over.

You’ve put your armour down, it like you’re quitting.

But putting down your sword can never end life’s churns. Sitting back and mourning can never bring the victory in this life war, and it is never a choice to take your own life.

No NO!  NO!!!

Why sit back then and keep on murmuring? Life is a great struggle and nothing is found on easy platter nowadays. So get up on your feet and fight on.

Understand that a man’s fall is never his end. You are down to zero, yes that’s palpable, and life could seem so arduous,  but keep on fighting on.

Try it over again what you’ve failed at many times and you will get there. Remember, no quitting because on the battlefield everyone is a warrior and that’s exactly who you are; a WARRIOR.

#Prince Joe#

A Warrior_Life’s Churns


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