“Oh please,  let me think. How on earth can you agree to this decision?. How reasonable can you affirm it to be?. According to the rules of logic, this decision is invalid”, those are the words of a voice I just can’t get rid of in my head. Always claiming logic and reasoning. 

And there goes the other voice which I have no other choice than to adapt to listening, “Are you going to need scientific proofs to tell you that this is right when every bit of emotions and feelings are proving just that?”. And that’s the voice of the heart. 

Hmmmm, with all these voices battling in this little body of mine,  I sometimes wonder where my actual voice is. 

As if that’s not enough, there is this another voice whose speech always perplexes the intelligence of the mind and baffles the understanding of the heart; the voice of spiritualism. Always fighting hard to justify the existence of miracles, something vanishing and others suspending.

So I keep asking myself again and again that where actually is my real voice located. 

In my desire to explore these voices, I ascertained that they are complete nations on their own, with various differences in decision making  and processing of information. 

It’s quite enthralling also to know that the human being might be just a tiny little part of the universe (I mean,  you can’t compare the size of the universe to that of human being?), but is a full world on its own needed to be explored. 

Imagine, though we look tiny yet we can harbor the whole universe in our mind.  Despite our incapability to be omnipresent, we can still make impact to the whole universe within our tiny life duration. 

I have done well,  though not best, to explore these three nations in this little world called human; the nation of the mind,  the heart and that of spiritualism. 

What have you explored about this world; the human body. Feel free to share. 

#Prince Joe#



2 thoughts on “A WORLD IN A WORLD

  1. Wow, I like your prose. 🙂
    I have also experienced all of these voices. My spiritual voice is super strong.
    I have also experienced the voice of persistence, strength, and equanimity during working out.

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