The covered radiance

I searched online for the names of world stars and you were no where to be found. You know why, it’s because the world hasn’t listed you yet. 

I asked of you in your own country, with ‘the world star’ attached to your name, but it seems you are not recognized.

 I still went ahead asking of you from your family members and surprisingly, even your dad did not know you with that name. 

Fortunately or unfortunately for me he directed me to your room and said, “The only person I know with the surname you mentioned is my child and I am sorry to say that my child is a looser”. Ha! 

But when I entered your room, there you were on the walls, bed, wardrobe, etc. The walls of your room spoke clearly of the great star hidden in that tiny unrecognized body of yours. 

Every picture  and inscription on your wardrobe and walls revealed, undoubtedly, the great world changer you are.. 

You are not listed on the net yet, neither are you recognized by your country nor by your dad, as a world changer, but before you breakdown in defeat or surrender, pay attention to the walls and wardrobe in your room, and you would hear them say that you are a star_a world changer. 

Remember this that the space for star can be taken but not its radiance. Not matter what covers a star, it will always be radiant and soon all eyes shall behold its brightness in the sky.

You are only covered, not quenched. So keep on shining and ask yourself, ” How long can a star be covered?”, “How long can you be covered?”

#Prince Joe#

This is a post in respond to the daily prompt challenge on the topic, RADIANT


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