It hurts, “Yes it does!”, the heart laments. You know why, cos it has to be forced to beat twice the normal rate and the veins to dilate beyond normal expansion.

It’s painful, yes it is, just listen to your emotions and sensations. The senses are speaking aloud and clear, sometimes in signs of goosebumps and intense fear.

It is so baffling that the mind just can fathom and you end up having headaches, thinking of it.

So you know what? Just cry it out, not out.

My brother just refuted the topic, saying, “Why should I cry? Crying makes me look weak”. He continued “This is because crying draws attention”.

Yes it does, I agree. So, me saying,”Cry it out, not out”, I mean don’t cease the tears.  Let them flow freely, but don’t let the world see them fall, that is when you can control your tears in public.

Do you know that pains and emotional tortures are capable of leaving you with high blood pressure and heart attacks; thus they can even end your little existing duration on this earth.

Come to think of it, have you ever brooded on why some people, shot at the leg, die on the spot, but others remain alive? How about why some pregnant women get miscarriages as a result of emotional traumas? Not forgetting why some mothers, even some fathers, faint at the hearing of distressing news.

The simple explanation, though not detailed, is that the heart (the power house of the body) is forced to beat beyond the normal rate according to the body type and according to how the traumas are processed individually.

So why control crying when you are alone. Come on! Open up the mouth wide and scream some pains out, when they are too much to bear. It helps release a quart of the heat encamped in the body, as a result of dilation of the veins and increased heart beats.

Allow the tears to flow, if possible; especially when indoors, because it helps inhibit your activeness to save the body from more heat productions beside the elated heart beats and vein dilations.

It is also capable of weakening the body and cuddling it to sleep, to help the body relax and suppress some of the pains and emotions deep down the unconscious memories.

Do you know that emotional tears may have many health benefits. Emotional tears contain stress hormones and other toxins which researchers have theorized that shedding them flushes these things out of your system, (Marcin, 2017).

Why not cry then?  Hello!!!!  You reading, yes you!.. I really do agree that you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, or reveal your weakness to the world… That’s a great and bold step.. Tumbs up to that. Yes, don’t let the world see you cry, that is when holding it for a while is possible.

But you know what? Try this then. Find a room, lock yourself, cry and scream. Help your body release out the stress. It’s really helpful and healthy.

So I say, CRY IT OUT, but NOT OUT.

#Prince Joe#


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