Flap!, flap!!, flap!!!.  That’s me flipping the pages of my memories. “Where is the name of the lady who hurt me deeply; to be specific the one who left me with a broken heart”, I asked in anger. 

 “Present out sir”, whispered my Long Term Memory. “What!! Since when?” I retorted furiously. 

“Sir may I speak”, cutting in was my heart..  I responded positive. It went ahead, “Please let’s not visit that painful page again. It’s only going to cost me escalation in beating and dilation of the veins beyond normal expansion. Don’t forget that you had a hard time overcoming that, with all those bruises you had on your knuckles while trying to release some pain”.

 Then came in my brain, “Sire, on the 30th of June 2012 you sent ‘self repairing ego’ to tell us that we are growing up now and we have to accept that being betrayed is part of life.  And that our ability to get over betrayal quickly shows our maturity. I guess we are matured now,  sire”.

Speechless for a while, I had to give the search for traces of betrayals I kept in memories. “OK,  it is worthless then”, I said. 

 So it is everyone, he who fears heartbreaks can’t love deeply and anyone who fears being betrayed can’t hope on great risky plans for great prizes. 

When betrayal comes, cry it out if you feel like crying, cos it’s painful. I know it is. But after that sleep over it and tell your brain to repress them. 

 Finally tell your reasoning and emotions that these are all part of life, and move on. 

But note this, don’t ever see the person who betrayed you, one way or the other, as a foe. I can’t trust you any longer doesn’t mean we are enemies. 

Who knows? The reason behind the betrayal might not be what your are thinking of. Sometimes the forces backing a betrayal is more than one. 

So come on!!  Brush the pain off, it doesn’t matter how long it lasts, and move on… You will do just fine… 

#Prince Joe#

Betrayal, Life’s common Term


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