My Classroom, My Experience 

Rewarding the Efforts of the Students

So it is already today. Classes commences on 7:00 am.

Located in an environment in Ghana where the cane is considered a great tool for disciplinary check, you can imagine the faces of students when approaching the school premises, especially when they report late.

I quite understand the teachers though, for while, because we are training a great number of students whose actions are capable of breaking a teacher’s heart.

But seriously despite the fact that some students of my class, primary two, don’t seem to adapt to my directions and I mostly get annoyed to the heart, complaining that they are not learning, it is a true saying that students put in a lot of efforts to follow the teacher.

For some moments within this week I have noticed that those who don’t get what are thought in my class are those who even spend much time to learn.  Some even refuse going out for a break,  because they want to understand what has been thought, yet to no avail.

I just remembered some hard time periods I had studying on campus, in the University.

To be frank, students put in large efforts to follow the teacher, hoping to gain the approval of the teacher..

So today to boost their efforts and hard works, more smiles,  more story telling, more cracking of jokes are my resolutions to reward their efforts.

Some free toffees and biscuits made available for my students will also work just fine..

I considered these because I have noticed how much my students love story telling, cracking jokes and mostly toffees and biscuits.

Watch out my students! Today will be just great.

#Prince Joe#


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