Lullabies of the Moon 

Step by step the tiredness of the sun is catching up with us and the soothing lullabies of the moon is slowly cuddling eyes to sleep. 

I have just learnt that generally the sun is the strength of mankind and the moon tells of how weak the normal man is, hmmmm.  

Mankind is created to feel tiredness creeping into the mind and heart at the peak of the sun. 

No matter where you are located, the strength of a normal man is from the sun. Only the abnormal people, which I mean in positive manner, who have learnt to turn nature upside down can prove otherwise. 

So “sleep, sleep, sleep my child,  for a new day commeth with a whole lot of demands and only the strong are meant to be productive and fruitful” is a stanza that i have just caught from the melodious tune drizzling from the moon. 

And it sings on,  “So close your eyes, my child and release your my mind from the stress of today.  Paralyze, partially, your legs and hands and allow your mind to decide which thoughts and emotions to let go and suppress, which to regret of, which to learn from and which to carry ahead into tomorrow”. 

Waaaaaw, what a gentle enticing song I hear from the moon.  I never knew it sings such beautifully. I wish you could hear it as well.  I am speaking to all those who are located on the planes of the earth along with Ghana and sharing in the same timing..  

Those who are far beyond, just don’t worry. Within approximately twelve hours intervals, on the maximum, you hear the moon sing.  Only pay attention when it does. 

Now the eyes close bit by bit and the body has no other choice than to resign from the journey called today, whether it completed every single task or not.. 

Goodnight then everyone and remember that a goodnight sleep is very important for a great day start. Sleep well, sleep tight and see or hear from you tomorrow,  God willing. 

I love you all my lovely writers who inspire me with your posts and comments and to my readers who boot me the more to write. Goodnight again. Bon nuit.

#Prince Joe#


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