I was intuitively stroke at heart with a grooving beat rythm this morning. Just then I felt my legs tapping to the groove. 

“🎵Pam paadam pam, pam paadam pam🎶”, that was my mouth joining in the rhythm. Careless of where I was, in class as a teacher, my hands zoomed in with the silence drumming. You can imagine how hard my mind tried to cease my head from nodding in agreement. 

Sooner or later my whole body was fully entangled in the grooving beat rhythm. Just after two minutes, a stanza of words doped up into my brain and I started arranging and editing in treble tune.  That was when I thought of Brother Joseph, the best treble vocalist of my music team, The Vessels. 

When the song was so much meaningful and soothing to my ears, the thought of Caleb, the best tenner vocalist surfaced.  Ha! The song at this stage sounded more and more pro in my ears, and the more my body danced to the groove irrespective of where I was. 

Right then my voice joined in the melody as the best auto vocalist of my team,  at least that is what is mostly said. Hahahahhahaha, really. Am not kidding. 

And finally when the voice of Ministe Prince, the undefeated best bass vocalist of the whole church joined in the groove, I was imaginatively snatched from class unto my church stage with a huge crowd praising and worshipping God as we minister. I could feel my spirit and body grossly in action, the worship, with my eyes tightly closed. 

Out of the blue, I felt some hostile tappings on my shoulders, cutting off my immagined spirit-filled ministration on stage. Hugh!!!!  What a waste!!. Guess who that was. Those tappings were from my Co-teacher. “Do you know how you sound!”, he lamented. He went ahead to play a recording of whatever I said and sang. 

To be frank, that was nasty, but still joyous at heart I said, “Ye men of little faith. You know not the quartet I ministered with just now”. “Hahahahaha!!!!” we all busted into laughter. What a great day today is…  At least I have song to visit the studio with… Aaaha! That’s r-i-g-h-t!!!! And the three mentioned ministers together with me will make a great quartet with a wonderful harmonious melody. 

#Prince Joe#



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