#C for Charged Innocent#

This is post in respond to A_to_Z challenge, day three, C

I have witnessed and read of how quickly people furrow their eyebrows in disapproval torwads a person with a guilty-tagged name, and how the nation offers a ‘black look’ towards the requests of a prisoner aspiring for a position of interest to the nation.

Imagine the facial expressions of parents whose daughter introduces her fiance to the family and unfortunately or absent-mindedly says, “…but he spent some time in prison…”.

Even without completing the statement, any cautious child can feel the tension of disapprobation emanating from the faces of the parents, specifically the mother.

The very first day I watched a movie where a ‘good samaritan’ spent ten years in prison for offering help to a woman stabbed, but died in the arms of ‘the samaritan’ with his hand on the knife, I learnt to inhibit any quick judgement that dopes ups towards the acused.

The  sad story of the him turned out that the woman stabbed was reported lost and was being searched for.

Very unfortunate for ‘the good samaritan’, that was the same point at the same time that the police search mission was set to end. Now, lack of any witness to back up the innocence claims of this man, his fate was spelt out in clear words that he is guilty.

So you see, there are a lot of people serving years in prison, people facing disgusting expressions of people because of tarnished names from wrong doings they know nothing of, and people suffering pains for crimes not because they committed them,  but simply because they are misjudged.

There are some people,  who every logical reasoning denies them guilty judgements yet visible situations still can’t clearly prove their innocence, hence they suffer…..

All these people are those I term the charged innocents.  Remember not to be too quick at judging people.

Who knows?  They might only be people misjudged. Let’s  then show care to prisoners. Join in the visitations to prisons organized by any institution. It could be the church.

#Prince Joe#

#C for Charged Innocent #


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